The Logipace iPhone App

Logipace is the only iPhone app specifically designed to INSTANTLY improve athletic performance.  Logipace was shown in a randomized controlled clinical trial to improve a 3-mile run time by an average of 45 seconds, just by using the app.

The Concept - Cardio-Locomotor Synchronization

Cardio-Locomotor Synchronization (CLS) occurs when a rhythmic activity, such as running, biking, or walking, is performed in sync with the heartbeat.  CLS has been shown in many published studies to improve the efficacy of the activity, increasing the volume of blood pumped by each heart beat, reducing blood pressure variability, and lowering maximal oxygen consumption.

Logipace uses CLS to enhance performance of any rhythmic activity, as well as lowering the stress on the heart and musculature. The app records heart rate real-time using the Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor (Either Bluetooth or ANT+ Interface) or uses a target heart rate defined by the user. The app then determines the optimal pace frequency within a comfortable range that best matches a harmonic of the heart rate, and plays one of four different beats at that precise frequency. By matching his or her stride to the beat, the user is using the power of CLS to perform better and make the activity easier on the body.

Respiratory-Locomotor Synchronization

In addition to CLS, respiratory rate is also entrained by locomotor rhythms.  Synchronization between rhythmic activity and breathing has also been shown in numerous published studies to have significant benefits both to performance, but also to reduce stress on the body.

Logipace uses Respiratory-Locomotor Synchronization (RLS) along with CLS to maximize efficiency and minimize the impact from strenuous exercise.

Easy to Use

Logipace is very simple to use:

  1. Define a comfortable range - Set the max and min pacing frequency (in steps per minute) that will still allow you to maintain your desired speed.
  2. Define a comfortable breathing cadence - Based on your paced stride rate, set the number of paces for breath inhalation and for exhalation.
  3. Heart Rate - 2 Options 
    1. Establish a connection with the Wahoo Heart Rate monitor (ANT+ version only at this time).
    2. Enter a target heart rate that you expect to maintain during the run.
  4. Start a session and begin exercising - match your pace to the beat as close as possible.



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